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Commercial Drainage

From apartment blocks, parking lots, hotels, restaurants and shopping complexes the Easy Flow Drainage team has the know how and the experience to get your drainage needs sorted. So whether you’ve got a blocked drain, a burst pipe that needs repairing or you’re a developer in need of a new drain installation the Easy Flow Drainage team is a one stop shop for all your drainage needs.


Residential Drainage

Whether you’re looking to do residential development or you’ve got a blocked drain or burst pipe in your yard Easy Flow Drainage can help with all your drainage problems. We’ve got the latest CCTV drainage survey equipment to find those blocks and leaks to get the situation resolved in a timely manner. When dealing with Easy Flow Drainage you can be sure that you will get the best service as Geoff himself handles all client relationships.


Industrial Drainage

You’re looking to build a factory, farm, showroom or warehouse, here at Easy Flow Drainage we are your expert drainlayers and your one stop shop for all your drainlaying needs. If your factory has got a blocked drain, burst pipe or the ground seems to become flooded in particular regions due to heavy rain then we can also help.


Public Sector Drainage

For the last 4 years Easy Flow Drainage has been working closely with the Earthquake Commission and the Christchurch City Council to repair and reinstate Christchurch to its original condition. We are now a Christchurch City Council approved drainlayer. We have the capability to work nationwide so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Looking For Exclusive Construction Service?
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