Easy Flow Drainage

High quality drainage service
for residential, subdivisions, renovations and commercial developments.

EASY FLOW DRAINAGE team consists of highly qualified and skilful members who have years of industry experience. We have an extensive range of services available that fit your requirements when it comes to drainage services. Our services range from CCTV Survey, Drain Unblocking right through to Consultancy.

Easy Flow Drainage is a Kiwi owned and operated drainage company based in Christchurch. Throughout the years Easy Flow Drainage has become one of Christchurch’s preferred Drainage Contractors earning the official Christchurch City Council seal of approval. Geoff Williams and his team of drainage specialists at Easy Flow Drainage prides themselves of doing the job the right way. Easy Flow Drainage is a one stop shop when it comes to everything drainage so you know you’re getting expert advice.

  • Certified drain layers
  • Drain laying residential and commercial
  • Drainage repairs
  • Drain unblocking
  • CCTV survey
  • Consultancy services (1 hour free)
  • CCC Approved

Christchurch City Council approved Drainage Contractors

Easy Flow Drainage provides high quality drainage service for residential, subdivisions, renovations and commercial developments. We are proudly Christchurch City Council approved. The team at Easy Flow Drainage consists of highly qualified and skillful members, who have years of industry experience.

We have an extensive range of services available: from CCTV surveying and unblocking drains, right through to consultancy, so we can cater for all your requirements when it comes to drainage services. We have a team of qualified drain repair Christchurch specialists that are able to repair stormwater, sewer, broken pipes across a broad variety of other repairing services.

As a full service drainage specialist, Easy Flow Drainage offers a comprehensive range of drain repair methods. So, where traditional repair methods are preferable, whatever the reason, we will employ our extensive excavation expertise and resources to carry out collapsed drain repair and full-scale drainage replacement.

Commercial Drain Laying Services

There are many ways to repair broken drains, but the first important step is to identify the cause of the problem. Our engineers are equipped to deal with all manner of scenarios and work quickly to identify the drain repair necessary. We carry out excavations to install or repair drainage and manholes.

This service is often required when a drain collapses, or there is extensive leaking. Using the latest plant and equipment and a highly skilled teams of operatives, we plan, manage and implement the repair, and reinstate the drain in the shortest time possible — and with minimum disruption to the area and the environment.

Thanks to our impressive track record of reducing disturbance and inconvenience during drain repairs in Christchurch, we are frequently chosen to carry out drain excavation and repair work in environmentally sensitive areas. We have encountered numerous collapsed drains, all of which have been tackled with the professionalism you would expect of drain repairs Christchurch.

Experts in CCTV Survey and Other Drainage Related Services

Easy Flow Drainage specialists offer services such as: commercial drain laying, residential drain laying, drain repairs, CCTV survey, drain unblocking and consultancy services. All drain laying work must comply with the Building Code and where a building consent is required, the work must be checked by the building inspector from the building control authority in your area. A code compliance certificate cannot be issued until the work has been signed off by the building inspector.

We are proud to be approved by the Christchurch City Council, who authorise us due to our expertise and skills shown through work on council owned and maintained assets, including future properties. So when you choose Easy Flow Drainage, you can rest assured that you have hired a certified, trustworthy and approved company. We take great care in educating our staff in the impact of our work in the environment and consistently are looking for new ways we can improve our performances in this area.

Here at Easy Flow Drainage, we understand all finished work should showcase quality workmanship and service. That is why we aim to understand your requirements before starting any project, while keeping your budget in mind. We take pride in our workmanship and aim to ensure your requirements are fulfilled. We try to the best of our ability to finish the job and to make the worksite look as close to what it was before we started works. We prevent digging up your established gardens or expensive driveway.

Our professional team of experts will work with you to understand all of your requirements before starting the project, so we can identify and deliver a drainage system and results that suit you and your property. The other benefit of this is that we understand how maintenance jobs can lead to unwanted costs, so by working with you to plan ahead, we do our best to avoid any unwanted costs and stick to your budget.