CCTV Drainage Inspections Survey

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Are you having trouble locating the source of your water leaking issue or cable fault? At Easy Flow Drainage, we use the latest CCTV camera technology to track down the source of the fault quickly and accurately without having to dig up your property.

Our CCTV Inspection Survey involves a high-tech camera being placed into a designated storm water or sewer drainage pipeline, enabling us to inspect the interior condition of the drain. The reports are produced in real time, highlighting any problem areas and providing recommendations for the most cost effective remedy.

We are even able to track the run of the drains throughout your site and the location of associated gullies, inspection chambers and manholes. The footage and log sheets produced are also applicable for council consents and other standards as required.

We can achieve all of this without any invasive inspection work being conducted on your property.


Easy Flow Drainage Is Your Full Service Drainage Service

We treat you with the same level of professional service regardless of how big or small your project is. We offer 1 hour free consultation so give us a call and see how we can help you with your project.


Our team are Certified Drainlayers with years of industry experience.


We find the root of problem for long term results for your drainage issue.


We manage your project end to end ensuring it’s completed on time and budget.

Why we use CCTV Technology

Identify suspected damage sites
Identify blockage source
Understand the cause of the problem
Inspect piping before buying a new home
Make informed decisions

Proudly christchurch city council approved

We have put our CCTV cameras to good use for the last 4 years with the Christchurch City Council during the earthquake rebuild and bring that same technological advantage to all our clients projects no matter how big or small.

How We Use CCTV Cameras

At Easy Flow Drainage, we utilise CCTV cameras to establish the structural condition of a drain, whether because of suspected damage or blockage before making an informed recommendation on the right solution for your budget.

We are able to generate the reports on site allowing us to share the results with you and keep you up to date during the discovery phase and throughout the project.

Make an informed decision about your damaged or blocked drains by giving Easy Flow Drainage a call.

Your Full Service Drainage Speclists

We offer High quality drainage service for residential, subdivisions, renovations and commercial developments nationwide.


Our engineers are equipped to deal with all manner of repair scenarios. We identify problem areas and carry out excavations to repair drainage before returning your property to its original condition.


Whether you are searching for residential or commercial drainlaying services our highly experienced team can understand, manage and deliver to your project needs on time and budget.


When it comes to unblocking drains, we are the name you need to remember, as we have all the expertise and equipment necessary to solve all drain blockage issues.


Our CCTV Inspection Survey footage are applicable for council consents and involve a high-tech camera being placed into a pipeline, enabling us to inspect the interior condition of the drain.


Worried about your garden being ruined by costly excavations? Using the pipe bursting method we can repair your broken drainage by inserting a new pipe through the existing one without digging up your property.


Regular maintenance of your septic tanks, soak holes and pump chambers to ensure proper their proper function and hygiene. We use vacuum loading pressurised water to excavate and evacuate waste materials.


When traditional rodding techniques fail to clean your drain we hydro jetting, which allows us to weave a flexible hose down the problem pipe and cut through difficult blockages with high pressure water.


Safely expose existing services such as traffic lights, power poles, pilot holes for diggers, sewer lines, fiber-optic cables and power lines without damaging the service or the environment around them.