Drain Layer in Christchurch

The team at Easy Flow Drainage consists of highly qualified and skillful members, who have years of industry experience. We have an extensive range of services available: from CCTV surveying and unblocking drains, right through to consultancy, so we can cater for all your requirements when it comes to drainage services. Drain layers install, maintain and design below-ground drainage systems and associated sewerage or effluent disposal systems, set out and install below-ground sanitary and stormwater drainage systems, install septic tanks, effluent disposal and disinfection systems, carry out site drainage and de-watering procedures, employing stormwater, sub-soil and pumped systems, cut and joint piping, test drainage systems.

Our friendly drain layer Christchurch will work to ensure you get the best outcome, understanding exactly what sort of drainage system is required for New Zealand's unique form of weather. We prevent digging up your established gardens or expensive driveway. Our professional team of expert drain layers will work with you to understand all of your requirements before starting the project, so we can identify and deliver a drainage system and results that suit you and your property.

Affordable Drain Layer Services in Christchurch

The other benefit of this is that we understand how maintenance jobs can lead to unwanted costs, so by working with you to plan ahead, we do our best to avoid any unwanted costs and stick to your budget. We also pride ourselves on leaving your property clean and tidy after every job. We take every step to protect your property from damage. We can lay or replace pipes with minimal mess and disruption to your home. We are proud to be approved by the Christchurch City Council, who authorise us due to our expertise and skills shown through work on council owned and maintained assets, including future properties.

With our experienced team you'll have peace of mind knowing your drains are in perfect working order.